Triad Rescue Reels

Cut response time and increase safety with Hannay's complete line of rescue reels.

Rescue and emergency operations are never easy jobs. You can rely on Hannay’s Triad Rescue Reels to never fail you when the pressure is on.

Series F1500: The F1500 hose reel is a rugged, but lightweight reel that’s ideal for utility air or breathing air when specified.

Series CR1600: The CR1600 handles live electric cable and is invaluable when you need power at the scene of an emergency.

And the durable F2000 dual-hose reel is unsurpassed in rescue situations that require hydraulic hose for power tools such as cutters, spreaders, or jacks.

Offers faster clean-up, preconnect or storage, no draining, stacking or dragging, provides efficient use of vehicle space and increased hose capacity.

Whether building a new truck or upgrading an existing one, specify Hannay, the reel leader.


Triad Rescue Reels Catalogue

Download Hannay’s Triad Rescue Reels Catalogue

Count on Hannay Triad Rescue Reels for
  • Haz-Mat Situations
  • Vehicular Extrications
  • At-the-Scene Emergencies
  • Hydraulic Tools
  • Electric Cables
  • Breathing Air and Utility Air Applications