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Rewind Speed Control System

Spring rewind hose reels are commonly used in the many industries for applications such as hose storage, workshops and on mobile equipment. In some hose handling applications, excessive spring rewind speed can result from misuse and can result in significant safety issues. Excessive rewind speed can cause rapidly moving hose to strike users or objects, resulting in unnecessary injury or damage.

To date, the only way to overcome dangerous Rewind Speeds was to replace Spring Rewind Reels with manual or powered ones. The major limitations however, are that applications lacking automatic rewinds will result in the careless practice of hoses laid across walkways and roads; this will cause serious injury issues. Site logistics can also mean that power sources are not always available, thus Spring Rewind External Reels are the only solutions to a hazard-free and productive working environment.

These issues can be significantly reduced with the Safe-R-Reel® Rewind Speed Control System from Reel-Tech. As the Safe-R-Reel® reduces rewind speed, it also reduces the risks of injury, equipment damage, down time and hose wear associated with excessive rewind speed.

Apart from the nasty whiplash impact injures that Rapid Rewinds Speed from conventional Spring Reels can bring, operators can also avoid the high cost of replacing faulty equipment.

Through conducting a case study, a major Airline found that conventional Spring Reels they installed previously were causing expensive damages to equipment. On top of that, maintenance personnel could be eliminated by the addition of a Spring Rewind speed Control device; this enhances greater work efficiency.

The Safe-R-Reel® is simple to install; depending on the reel capacity, as the system simply bolts on to the hose reel canister and it can be tuned to achieve 30-50% speed reduction compared to a standard spring rewind reel. This can also be upgraded to vary the rewind speed.

The Safe-R-Reel® system does not reply on hydraulic clutching or other dependent devices requiring regular service, reducing down time and contains no visible moving parts.

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  • Reduced injury
  • Reduced equipment damage
  • Reduced down time
  • Reduce hose wear

  • Mining
  • Food and Beverage
  • Work Shops
  • Service Vehicles

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