Hannay LP Gas Hose Reels

Hannay reels are created specifically for fuel delivery applications – never retrofitted to the job – so you can expect superior fit and function. We offer thousands of standard reels – or can create custom designs – that are built strong to last long, require minimal maintenance, and provide a lifetime of value. Often outlasting the vehicles they’re on, our reels provide safer operation with:

• Non-sparking ratchet assemblies
• Explosion-proof motors
• Suspended IV reels that allow access on either side of the vehicle

All Hannay LP Gas reels are handcrafted and available in aluminum, stainless steel, e-coated, and painted steel for superior protection against contamination and corrosion in sensitive or caustic environments.

Series PB/DPB: Manual or Power Rewind Reels. To handle single 1″ through 1-1/2″ I.D. hose.

Series PBGMB/PBGMT: Power Rewind Reels . To handle single 1″ or 1-1/2″ I.D. hose

Series PBM: Power Rewind Liquid Reel with Manual Rewind Vapor Reel. To handle 1″ through 1-1/2″ I.D. liquid hose & 1/2″ through 1″ vapor hose

Series SPBN800/SPB800: Spring Rewind Reels. To handle 3/4″ or 1″ I.D. hose

industrial hose reels catalogue

Industrial Hose Reels Catalogue

Download Hannay’s LP Gas Reels Catalogue

Count on Hannay LP Gas Reels for
  • Home delivery vehicles
  • Dispensing systems
  • Fueling vehicles
  • Filling stationary and portable cylinders
Add ons: SAFE-R-REEL (Rewind speed control system)
  • Reduced injury
  • Reduced equipment damage
  • Reduced down time
  • Reduce hose wear
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