Hannay Firefighting Hose Reels

Firefighters and rescue squads demand equipment that can deliver top performance under extreme conditions day after day. Hannay Reels designs and constructs fire hose and cable reels that are durable, dependable, and outperform every other brand. Our reels help cut attack time and increase safety, which makes a big difference in an industry where the lives of your crew – and community – are on the line.

  • Performance – Allow for quicker deployment and pick up
  • Custom design – Every vehicle manufacturer’s truck design is different – a Hannay fire hose reel is built to individual vehicle specs
  • Small footprint – Deliver big performance in tight spaces

Types of reels:

  • Rescue reels – Fast, efficient payout for hydraulic and pneumatic power tools, electric cable, and breathing air applications
  • Booster hose reels – Quick first-attack for small fires or while larger volume hoses are being set up
  • LD (Large Diameter) reels –Reels for long lengths of 1½” to 6″ flat hose


  • Hazmat clean up
  • Extrications
  • Electric cables for lights and tools
  • Breathing and utility air applications
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic power tools
  • Dual agent – foam/water

Series F: The standard painted steel booster hose reel is the dependable, rugged reel that has set the standard for fire service reels for more than 50 years. The Super Booster reel is the top of the line. It weighs up to 50% less than standard booster reels and features an all-aluminum frame and drum, polished aluminum discs, and plated drive chain, sprocket, hub assembly, swivel joint and fasteners. No painting or finishing is required.

Series F4000: Compact fire hose reels for booster hose to handle single 3/4” I.D. or 1″ I.D. hose. Compact reels for use in restricted spaces or on
slide-on units. Also for use in brush and forest fire fighting vehicles.

Series SF: Is for booster hose with an inboard mounted motor. The inboard motor location and high profile of this reel make it suitable for installation in cabinets or wells that have space restrictions.

Series 7100/7200: These reels have two swivel joint inlets and two outlet risers to simultaneously handle two equal lengths of hose. Hoses can be different diameters, in which case the larger hose diameter determines the reel capacity.

Series 3100/3600: Is for industrial fire protection. These reels are designed to handle booster hose or preconnected collapsible hose for in-plant, forestry and off–shore fire protection systems. The reel can be installed on the floor or wall. Since water is always available at the reel, the reel can also be used for general warehouse and maintenance

Series FF: For large booster hose or preconnected collapsible hose. These reels have a 1 1/2” I.D. full-flow hub assembly to accommodate large diameter booster hose or preconnected collapsible hose. The flanged outlet riser can be removed for easy hose installation. All models listed can be supplied without inlet, outlet riser, or hub assembly for dry storage of collapsible hose.

Series LD: Reels and spools to handle up to 6″ I.D. collapsible hose. Hannay Reels offer the most efficient method of
handling large–diameter collapsible hose. Offers faster clean-up, preconnect or storage, no draining, stacking or dragging, provides efficient use of vehicle space and increased hose capacity.

Whether building a new truck or upgrading an existing one, specify Hannay, the reel leader.

fire fighting hose reels catalogue
Fire Hose Reels Catalogue

Download Hannay’s Fire Hose Reels Catalogue

Count on Hannay Fire Hose Reels for
  • Booster Hose Reels
  • Large Diameter Hose Reels
  • Grounding Reels
  • Hydraulic Tools
  • Electric Cables
  • Agriculture
  • Auxiliary Leads for Power Generation
  • Electric Tools
  • Hoist & Crane Operations
  • Breathing Air
Add ons: Flat Winder - Hose Storage made easy
Can be RETRO FITTED to most Hannay® powered reel systems
flat winder
  • Easily installed on any spool width
  • Easy speed changes for various
  • Guide can be de-latched for easy payout
  • More reliable & consistent hose layering
  • Requires less personnel for hose storage duties
  • Optional aluminium construction for reduced weight
  • OH&S friendly