Hannay Audio Video Hose Reels

From underground mining to on-the-scene news reporting to military operations, we offer portable and stationary electric cable reels to meet all your communication needs. We have thousands of standard reels – or can create custom designs – that are built strong to last long, require minimal maintenance, and provide a lifetime of value. Our portable reels allow for easy setup and tear down with an ergonomic handle design, while our storage reels are stackable for easy transport. All of our AV and AVX reels meet international standards and are designed and constructed specifically for your business – never retrofitted to the job – so you can expect unsurpassed fit and function.

Series AV and AVX: Hannay AV series reels are specifically designed for broadcast and pro-audio applications. The reels are stackable for maximum transport and storage efficiency.

Series AVC: Portable cable storage for broadcast applications. Model AVC16-10-11 portable cable reel is small, lightweight, and durable. Designed for quick and easy use, this reel is ideal for applications where long lengths of cable are payed out over large areas. The AVC20-14-16 Model is a strong, portable reel for storing higher capacities of cable.

Series AVC 1150/AVATC 1250: Portable storage reels on wheels. Models AVC1150 and AVATC1250 are direct crank rewind reels and are equipped with one-piece foot, rubber tires, and removable steel handlebar for long-term storage and shipping.

Series AVCQ20-14-16: Removable Spool Portable Cable Reel for small vehicles and storage areas .

Series AVD: Portable Cable Storage Reels with Slotted Divider Discs.

If you’re looking for a better way to organize, store, and transport all the cables you use in studio production, live events or remote broadcasts, Hannay has the solution. The audio/video reels are specifically designed to meet all your broadcast and pro-audio needs. These non-reflective black reels are durable and lightweight.

audio visual reels catalogue

Audio Visual Hose Reels Catalogue

Download Hannay’s Audio Video Hose Reels Catalogue

Audio Visual Cable Reels are designed for:

  • Production and recording facilities
  • Live events and concerts
  • Live Events & Concerts
  • Mobile broadcast units
  • Satellite and cable companies
  • Mining operations
  • Military communications
  • Pipeline inspection

  • Video inspection
  • Audio / Video / Broadcast
  • Live electric cable
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Cable storage