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Introducing the new range of accessories for Australia’s toughest and locally made Reel – PitBull

Easy to bolt on accessories with focus on safety and productivity.

Local industrial reel users are turning to PitBull for the toughest reels known for its unique design construction and versatility. PitBull Reels can now be optioned with outstanding easy to bolt on accessories to make them even safer and more productive.

With big PitBull orders with added Ezy-DeployTM lined up, Reel Tech Team reported the demand for this accessory would be skyrocketed.  When designing new innovations, Reel Tech’s core focus is on the ease of use and handling safety. Ezy-DeployTM is an Auto Declutching System. With no levers, buttons or electronics required, operator can simply pull and go with the lowest resistance. According to Reel Tech, Ezy-DeployTM clutch system offers smooth reel operation to minimise operator strain injuries and reduce excessive force that can prematurely damage equipment.

Ezi Deply Bolt On Accessory for Pitbull
Long Range Remote Control Accessory for PitBull

To improve productivity, consider adding Reel Tech Reel-In-ControlTM, the long-range wireless remote control system. With Adaptive Frequency Hopping, it prevents interference and offers reliable performance across undulating terrain. In single driver/operator set-ups, Reel-In-ControlTM allows for safer and simpler one-person hose handling. Eliminate dual handling and get the job done faster.

An increasingly important industry focus is improving safety while minimising downtime. FlatWinderTM – easy automatic layering hose storage solution; and Follow Me Hose Guide – the flexible swiveling hose guide, are other add-on options to reduce injuries, hose damage and hose jam; and improve productivity.

FlatWinder Automatic Hose Layering Technology Accessory for PitBull
Follow Me Guide to work with FlatWinder Automatic Hose Layering Technology Accessory for PitBull
Long Range Remote Control Accessory for PitBull

Most PitBull Reels come with integrated auto speed rewind system, Safe-R-ReelTM. It helps minimise the chance of employee and equipment damage due to excessive hose ‘speed whip’ during rewind. This patented maintenance free Non-Belt/Chain Direct Drive System ensures a controlled speed during rewind to reduce hose handling injuries. For PitBull Spring Reels, you can add Safe-R-ReelTM in full stainless steel that is chemically resistant, robust, durable and offers a high level of safety.

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